Collection: Butchers blocks

Butchers blocks come in two flavours, end-grain and edge-grain (or side-grain).

End grain blocks are those with the little squares, and are designed for heavy use. A good end grain butchers block will last years, be kind to your knives, and be an asset to your kitchen.

Edge (or side) grain boards are quicker to make, therefore less expensive, and comprise strips of hardwood glued firmly together.

A good board will be made over several days. I like to mill it flat and smooth, then let it rest. Then I cut strips, get them square, swear a little when one is not quite right or reveals a hidden knot. Then I glue it, leave to dry, and then cut it apart all over again, but this time I cut it the other way to make the familiar block shapes like in the picture. Then I flatten it, sand it, round the edges, add finger grooves, sand it again, add ‘jus grooves’, sand a million more times until it‘s lovely and smooth, then coat it in food-safe oil and say ‘wow’ as the end grain pattern emerges.


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