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Silverwood Bespoke

Board butter, wood conditioner, for butchers blocks and charcuterie boards

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Board butter, wood conditioner, beeswax for butchers blocks, charcuterie boards, cutting boards and cheese boards.

A blend of food safe mineral oil and organic beeswax from hives local to me, blended to my own recipe, this cutting board butter will protect and revive your:

* end grain butchers block

* cutting board

* chopping board,

* serving platter,

* charcuterie board,

* pizza slice board,

* cheese board

* outdoor oven serving platter, or

* stove top cover


The generous 60ml size will be enough for 5-10 applications depending on the size of your board. Simply rub into a clean, dry board with a soft lint free cloth, and then leave to dry. The butter will soften small cracks or blade marks and protect the wood.