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Silverwood Bespoke

Personalised end grain butchers block, oak, natural edge. Cutting board, charcuterie board, chopping board, serving platter

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This end grain butchers block is unique. Most end grain blocks are cut square and are thin, but this has a natural edge effect carved into it creating a beautiful wave finish.


It is very hard-wearing and can be used as a:

* chopping board,

* serving platter,

* charcuterie board,

* pizza slice board,

* cheese board,

* noodle board,

* outdoor oven serving platter, or

* a beautiful stove top cover


It is made from locally sourced, kiln dried oak. End grain wood boards make a perfect gift for the cook in your life, the foodie who enjoys presenting food beautifully, and the chef who demands only the best tools in their kitchen or for their outdoor wood fired oven.


End grain boards are very hard-wearing, kinder to your knives, and do not show scratches like other cutting boards do. They cost more because the process takes substantially longer than making a simple cutting board, which is basically a polished piece of wood. Whilst these can be beautiful, they are not as strong. When I make an end grain board the process takes several days - first flattening the wood then slicing across the grain, rotating each piece before glueing them back together with very strong wood glue.


There follows another round of flattening and sanding before I cut up the wood again to reveal the end grain, rejoining the pieces and sanding several times, before applying food safe mineral oil. Finally, the board is finished using my own blend of beeswax, made from local hives, and mineral oil to give a beautiful protective finish.


I can make a board to meet your exact requirements - there are options in the menu but please feel free to message me with any specific questions.