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Silverwood Bespoke

Farmhouse kitchen island with butchers block, cutting or chopping board and storage cupboard

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This ash kitchen island butchers block is ideal for any size kitchen and be made to your custom requirements. It features an ash and walnut butchers block worktop which is very hard-wearing. The cupboards provide useful storage especially for the smaller kitchen; I am happy to adjust the height of the shelves to accommodate specific applicances.


The overall dimensions are approximately 70cm wide x 50cm deep, and standard 72cm worktop height (including castors). I can make to any size you like - for example taller people may prefer a higher unit.


This unit makes a perfect gift for the cook in your life, the foodie who enjoys presenting food beautifully, and the chef who demands only the best tools in their kitchen. Finally, the unit is finished using my own blend of beeswax, made from local hives, and mineral oil to give a beautiful protective finish. I can make an island unit to meet your exact requirements - please feel free to message me with any specific questions.