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Silverwood Bespoke

Deposit on a Montessori bed in beech or ash | toddler floor bed | kids bed frame | co-sleeping bed. Made To Order To Your Specification

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Sleep is everything, especially when your child is little.  Sometimes you just cannot find what you are looking for.  Perhaps you have an idea of the bed you would like but the sizes or features aren’t quite right.  Maybe you want feet, or the bed to sit on the floor.  Maybe the entrance needs to be on the side or at the end of the bed.  Do you want a roof or not?  


I make each bed to order and will adjust the design to suit your requirements.  I can make a bed to any size, and with any features you want.  


Prices and options are shown in the photos; please let m know if you can't see what you are looking for.

The bed is made from high quality timber, choose beech or ash for the frame and beech for the platform - not cheap soft wood as many designs use - and I mill it myself from raw timber. That way I can pick out the best pieces with the best grain to deliver a beautiful Montessori bed which will last for years. 

How does the process work?

First of all, send me a message to describe what you want - I will provide a quote to meet your requirements.  When you place your order, I then produce a scale drawing so you can sign off the design.  I’ll send regular progress updates.