Live edge charcuterie board, table runner, serving platter and cheese bo

Live edge charcuterie board, table runner, serving platter and cheese bo

This beautiful charcuterie board is made from burr ash.  It measures approximately 97cm x 30cm x 2.5cm.  


Burr is the knobbly growth you see on the outside of trees and causes this beautiful swirly grain.  Good examples are hard to find and this board is unique.  


It can be used as a:


* chopping board, 

* serving platter, 

* pizza slice board,

* cheese board

* outdoor oven serving platter, or

* a beautiful stove top cover 


Live edge (otherwise known as natural edge or waney edge) charcuterie boards make a perfect gift for the cook in your life, the foodie who enjoys presenting food beautifully, and the chef who demands only the best tools in their kitchen or for their outdoor wood fired oven.


The picture shows the specific board you will receive.


The board is finished using my own blend of beeswax, made from local hives, and mineral oil to give a beautiful protective finish.


I can make a board to meet your exact requirements - different shapes and sizes are available and I would be happy to send images.  Please feel free to message me with any specific questions.


My policies – please read before ordering (takes about 2 minutes)


It’s important to me that you are satisfied with your purchase, because I make everything from scratch.  I don’t hide behind pages of terms and conditions but sometimes things go wrong, and it helps to be clear how, together, we can avoid this, or sort things out.  Behind all of what follows, we’re only human, and only want to provide a good service.  


If you place an order I will assume you have read and are OK with the following.


Who I am 


My name is David Swallow, you’ll normally deal with me.  I trade through Silverwood Bespoke, which is a trading name of Silverwood Marketing Limited, Registered office address 6a Church Street, Cottingham, Leicestershire, England, LE16 8XG.  Company Registration Number 11390958.  When you make a purchase, you are buying from Silverwood Marketing Limited. ‘I’ or ‘we’ means the company.


Being clear what you have ordered, what to expect and when


Every item I make starts with the raw wood, which means it takes time.  No two items are the same, for example the colour may vary due to how the wood absorbs the finish, sizes may differ slightly, so:


•    Where I refine an existing item, for example charcuterie b