Ash kitchen island

Kitchen island unit in ash and oak

This ash kitchen island comes with oak end grain butchers block. 


The unit can be made from a hardwood of your choice; in this example ash was used to show the striking grain which is a feature of this wood.  The unit is made entirely by me, from raw wooden boards, to my own design.  The design can be flexed to include more shelves, drawers, castors or feet.


The end grain butchers block is very hard-wearing and is made from locally sourced, kiln dried oak. 


End grain wood boards make a perfect gift for the cook in your life, the foodie who enjoys presenting food beautifully, and the chef who demands only the best tools in their kitchen or for their outdoor wood fired oven.


End grain boards are very hard-wearing, kinder to your knives, and do not show scratches like other cutting boards do.  They cost more because the process takes substantially longer than making a simple cutting board, which is basically a polished piece of wood.  Whilst these can be beautiful, they are not as strong.  


When I make an end grain board the process takes several days - first flattening the wood then slicing across the grain, rotating each piece before glueing them back together with very strong wood glue.  There follows another round of flattening and sanding before I cut up the wood again to reveal the end grain, rejoining the pieces and sanding several times, before applying food safe mineral oil.


Finally, the board is finished using my own blend of beeswax, made from local hives, and mineral oil to give a beautiful protective finish.


I can make a board to meet your exact requirements - there are options in the menu but please feel free to message me with any specific questions.


My policies – please read before ordering (takes about 2 minutes)


It’s important to me that you are satisfied with your purchase, because I make everything from scratch.  I don’t hide behind pages of terms and conditions but sometimes things go wrong, and it helps to be clear how, together, we can avoid this, or sort things out.  Behind all of what follows, we’re only human, and only want to provide a good service.  


If you place an order I will assume you have read and are OK with the following.


Who I am 


My name is David Swallow, you’ll normally deal with me.  I trade through Silverwood Bespoke, which is a trading name of Silverwood Marketing Limited, Registered office address 6a Church Street, Cottingham, Leicestershire, England, LE16 8XG.  Company Registration Number 11390958.  When you make a purchase, you are buying from Silverwood Marketing Limited. ‘I’ or ‘we’ means the company.


Being clear what you have ordered, what to expect and when


Every item I make starts with the raw wood, which means it takes time.  No two items are the same, for example the colour may vary due to how the wood absorbs the finish, sizes may differ slightly, so:


•    Where I refine an existing item, for example charcuterie boards or table runners, I will send before and after photos to show you what you will receive

•    I will provide approximate dimensions – if you need something to be an exact size please let me know when you place your order.  Sizes may vary slightly if, for example, a knot on the edge of the board may affect quality of the finish

•    I will send pictures of similar items to illustrate the approximate end finish.  Every piece of wood absorbs wood treatment differently, and photos only give an indication.  


I will give an approximate indication of when you should expect your order, but as each item is unique some take a little longer.  I would rather take more time to give you something beautiful than rush things.  If you need something by a specific date I’ll do my best but sadly cannot legislate for postal delays.


Wood ‘moves and breathes’, which means it may change shape slightly


Wood is an organic material which absorbs and releases moisture.  When it comes in your home, it may be substantially warmer/dryer (for example central heating or if you have an Aga).  Wood is also made up of fibres which are held together under stresses.  As wood is joined together these factors mean joints may flex, boards may not be 100% flat or level, and small cracks may appear.  


Handmade wooden items do not behave the same as mass-produced furniture.  These can add to the beauty of your purchase, so please expect some variance and movement; do not expect uniform, identical items.


We can mitigate some of this if you require – for example adjustable feet can be added to boards.


Wood is naturally imperfect


Timber is a natural product, it has woodgrain, knot holes and natural imperfections. Wooden boards split as they age, this is not a fault.  A knot hole is not a fault. I may distress timber by sanding it to look ‘natural’ or to make it look aged and imperfect, this is intentional and is not a fault and reason to return an item.


Refunds, exchanges and guarantee


Every item is handmade and unique.  I’m sorry but I can’t refund, exchange or replace the item if you change your mind.


For larger items over £200 (such as furniture) I may request a non-refundable deposit.


I’ll send pictures as your item progresses, so please let me know if you have any concerns.  I also send final pictures before I despatch, and you can cancel up to this point if the item quality is not as described (except for any non-refundable deposit).  You cannot cancel if you simply change your mind.


Items are sent tracked and insured.  If tracking says the item has been delivered I cannot provide a refund.


Please check your purchase as soon as you receive it.  Let me know if there are any issues within 3 days.  Because wood moves and breathes I cannot be responsible once it settles into its new home. Any refund will be paid when the item is returned to me in a resaleable condition.  If I have made a mistake I will cover this cost, otherwise returns are at your cost.


Liability for injury, allergic reaction etc


Wood is a heavy item, splinters occur and so on.  Please handle carefully; if you see any reason why the item may be risky please let me know when you receive it.


Please let me know if you have any allergies and I will check the compounds and finishes used within production.


We do not accept liability for injury, allergic reaction or worse from using our products.


It is ideal for any size kitchen and be made to your custom requirements. It features an oak end grain butchers block worktop which is very hard-wearing.The cupboards provide useful storage especially for the smaller kitchen.


I can make to any size you like - for example taller people may prefer a higher unit.This unit makes a perfect gift for the cook in your life, the foodie who enjoys presenting food beautifully, and the chef who demands only the best tools in their kitchen.