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You spin me right round, Google, right round

Don’t chase the algorithm when writing copy, be true to what you do

How’s this for a catchy description of my business? ‘Artisan beautiful bespoke unique handmade crafted wooden furniture and other household items for the home?”

No? That’s what it would be if I blindly followed Google’s algorithm. It’s so easy to be blindsided by SEO-speak (and milked by the agencies if you are not careful). All you do is set up a Google ad, sprinkle keywords liberally around your website, then wander over to your campaign dashboard where Google tells you how madly successful your campaign has been, and based on what words the customer searched for.

Go back to the website, paste in all these words, and wait for the clicks to come, er, clicking in. Right? As Dead or Alive sang, ‘I’ve set my sights on you, and no-one else will do’.

Ok, so try another test. Stand on a street corner, socially distant of course, and introduce yourself to a total stranger. Tell them you are a maker of Artisan Beautiful Bespoke Unique Handmade Crafted Wooden Furniture and other Household Items for the Home, and see how fast they run away.

The problem is that it just doesn‘t sound natural, and if it doesn’t work when you actually have a chance to meet people and show them your goods IRL, why would it work online when you have just a couple of seconds to retain someone’s attention.

Don‘t claim to be unique - be unique. Don’t try to cover all bases, focus on what you are good at, and use excellent photos. By all means, refresh your copy and make sure you use the words people are looking for, but do it in a way that your Gran would understand. Speak clearly and let your USP shine. When people get it touch, make them feel the whole world spins around them.

Looking at my own site, I can already see where I can improve the presentation of my work, but I spend as much time just talking to the people who actually send an enquiry, because I want to understand what they really need, and them to get what I do.

And now, be honest, how many of you tried to read what I just wrote but actually sang ‘you spin me right round, baby right round’ in your head as you did?

I can’t sing, but I do create nice furniture. Click here to see some.

Take care, stay safe.


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