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Looking forward to dining with friends again? Or dreading it?

Which is it for you? Desperate to escape the close embrace of your family/home schooling/zoom? Or scared witless to go outside for fear of catching ‘it’? Do you find yourself excited at the prospect of a Tesco trip, or do you scowl at the other shoppers who wouldn’t know 2 metres from a bag of chips?

If it’s the latter, you probably have FOGO, a fear of going out. If not, maybe its FOMO, fear of missing out. Either way, our old habits of having lunch with a friend, drinks with work colleagues, or a quiet supper with close neighbours, seem a long way off in the past.

It’s quite hard to see how we will get back to old ways, if at all. Do we like tapas after work enough to make the crush on the tube worth it? Are we happy paying city prices for cheap wine? How much have we missed the neighbour, really?

On the other hand, when the highlight of your day consists of checking how long your Lockdown Beard is, and conversation starts to run dry, some external stimulation may be called for. So here are my tips:

First, actually listen to what your partner is saying (note to self ...) and ask questions (another note to self)

Second, accept that the length of your Lockdown Beard may not be as exciting to others, and dredge up some interesting snippet from your day (such as the fascinating blog entry you read)

Third, make an effort with supper, even if it’s only a bit of cheese. Dressing it up on a nice charcuterie board with a glass of wine in a favourite glass can raise the bar.

And who knows, it may lead to a fascinating discussion about beards.

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