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Eating IN helps out too

A night in can help local small businesses

‘Eat out to help out’ was a great scheme, which we enjoyed using several times. It encouraged people back into the high street and gave some respite from lockdown. However, it didn’t help the local deli, butcher, greengrocer, nor did it benefit those who have taken the initiative and set up their own businesses delivering charcuterie platters or home baked desserts.

At the same time, many people remain apprehensive about venturing out, or still have to shield. Yet they crave diversion and entertainment. Friday evenings at our house now revolve around preparing a charcuterie board for my wife and whichever of the the kids is around, and it is something that gives me great pleasure.

Preparing a delicious supper with ingredients from local small businesses helps them out, makes a meal an event, and provides opportunities for great Instagram photos as well!

In my corner of Leicestershire I have enjoyed chatting with people in my area who fall into this category. All That Platters (Instagram @allthatplatters) is run by somebody I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday, who works long hours to give customers tasty, healthy, and beautifully presented food to enjoy at home. I popped into Stamford’s Cheese and Wine Cellar (Instagram @thestamfordcheeseandwinecellar) today and was impressed not only by their beautifully presented shop but also by their laser focus on what their customers want.

And that is the point of this post. Behind each of these local businesses is a person, couple, or partnership which spends hours and hours improving their product. The 9-5 does not exist, as I find myself most days when, after a day making charcuterie boards I move into marketing mode in the evenings.

So whilst ‘eat out to help out’ was a great scheme, now that Autumn is upon us and a cosy evening by the fire looks increasingly attractive, how about we all Eat In To Help Out your local small business?

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