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Chickens don’t respect my craft

Updated: May 22, 2020

Expecting 100% is not always the best plan

I once had an abusive boss who ‘knew’ everything about marketing and saw your role as being to say ‘yes’. He wanted me to mailshot 100% of our customers, regardless of customer need, or marketing preference. The conversation did not end well. For me.

I was reminded of this at the weekend when dealing with another 100% situation. All of our eggs, laid with much squawking and kerfuffle, were being eaten. After much investigation (one hen had a yellow beak) the culprit was identified and work began on a separate hen house.

As my wife and nephew began cobbling together a design the craftsman in me began to get annoyed. ‘I need a design’, ‘you can’t just throw it together like that’ and, the best, ‘I don’t want my brand associated with that’.

I stomped around grumpily, annoyed that we were not aiming for something I would be proud to market, snapping away at all who came near. Meanwhile the hen chomped happily away on another egg.

After a couple of hours the hen house took shape, calm returned and it started to look half-way serviceable. My nephew, was adopting the hen and therefore technically my customer, was delighted, the hen happily rehoused, and my wife began the wait for her bounty of uneaten eggs the next day.

It’s great to aim for perfection but 100% is not always the right answer. Look at the bigger picture, understand the customer need, and deliver what they want, on time, at a reasonable cost.

Failing that, eat the chicken.

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