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Charcuterie boards. So what?

It’s just a slice of wood, right?

I’ll admit. I didn’t get it at first. Cheese is delicious. So are olives. A bit of salad? Lovely. But what's the fuss about charcuterie boards?

Then I made a little tiny board for my wife and I. On a Friday night we don’t cook. We relax, open a bottle of wine, and graze. Occasionally, one of our kids will join us. And we chat, and share food, and take the mickey.

So then I was hooked. The biggest I have made for a friend so far was 7ft long, and possibly the heaviest is the one in the picture. It's enormous, and has a lovely natural edge to it.

There is something about eating together, from the same platter, in a free and easy way which is special. Add to that the beauty of wood, polished to a smooth finish, and you have a combination of flavour, beauty, and family which is hard to beat.

So now I'm the guy that pulls out the charcuterie board at any opportunity, gazes admiringly at food arrangements, and looks forward to when we are all able to share meals with friends and loved ones again.

Until then stay safe, and eat well.

To view my range of boards, click here

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