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Updated: May 13, 2020

Like many people at the moment, life is a little strange for me right now. After many years working in the City, I found myself out of work three times in three years. This provided plenty of challenges but also space to explore a growing interest in working with my hands, to be specific, woodcraft.

I started with an idea to make a skate ramp for my son, then a work bench, then a desk for myself, and it grew from there. I would get back from a long commute and crave a little time in my woodshop, where I would dream of becoming a carpenter full time. Then it happened for real as Brexit, then Covid, dried up all opportunities and I could focus on creating things all day.

Having previously been a wedding and portrait photographer, I decided to sell my collection of cameras and lenses, so that I could buy better woodworking equipment, to produce more accurate results. I am entirely self-taught in the craft of being a woodworker and admit to making plenty of mistakes. These are both a total pain and also very useful, because they force me to reflect on what I could do different next time.

I genuinely care about producing something people will love, about being a better carpenter, and so may take a little longer to get the right result. It’s still early days, and I sometimes I feel like I am spending as much time setting up sales outlets as making items, but as an antidote to the pervasive anxiety we all face, I’m glad to have this.

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